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Pinag-aapoy Festival (Sagada)

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Higantes Festival Tour

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Bataan Pawikan (Sea Turle) Conservation Trip

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Banaue Cultural & Volunteer Trip

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Giant Lantern Festival Tour

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Bataan Pawikan (Sea Turle) Conservation Trip

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Banaue-Sagada Eco Tour

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The Team

CULTURE SHOCK PH is a travel group that advocates appreciation and preservation of Filipino culture & heritage through guided trips around the Philippines.

Osep Reyes

Tour Pilot

When he's not climbing mountains, he's busy exploring old towns, running up ancient belfries or dancing along in fiestas.

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Guido Sarreal

Head Honcho

He plays the trumpet in a band, involves himself in wealth management, does several social work, and is taking up his M.A. in Anthropology. Top that!

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Smarla Angtuaco

Food Connoisseur

Travel is a continuation of her love affair with food. She’s always on the look out for local flavors and cooking techniques she can document and incorporate in the kitchen.

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Paolo Carlos

Number Cruncher

Our resident finance guy and human calculator during team meetings. He may be thin but believe it or not, he can eat more than everyone else.

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Robx Bautista

Design Diva

An illustrator and UI designer on weekdays, and a wilderness explorer during weekends. He's the team's talent for anything that needs a visual 'oomph'

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You may contact our team by filling up the form below or sending us a message through any of our social media channels. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!