The province of Bataan contains stories of remarkable historical and cultural significance and offers ongoing environmental and heritage conservation lessons.

The events of the last World War which took place in the area do not stop Filipinos of thinking of a “weekend getaway from Manila” when hearing “Bataan.” In fact, it is an admirable ecotourism destination that is still just growing in popularity among tourists, even considering its proximity to Manila. Still, it is just a matter of time before its history, culture, beauty, beaches, and warm hospitality get recognized all across the Philippines.

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One attraction that must not be missed in the province is the Pawikan Conservation Center located in Morong. The facility, maintained by a group of reformed sea turtle poachers, offers you the chance to learn more about these graceful, captivating, and sadly endangered sea creatures, primarily by allowing you to take part in a night patrol for nesting specimens, during which eggs are collected for transfer to the Center’s makeshift hatchery. The conservation center is a community-based initiative formed by a joint effort by the local government and non-profit organization partners.

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Every nesting season, trips to Morong, Bataan are organized to volunteer for pawikan conservation. The highlight of the trip is the night patrol, where we will be walking along the coast to wait for the turtles to lay their eggs. If found their eggs will be carefully transferred to hatcheries to protect them from poachers and predators. If we are extra lucky and any hatch when we are there, we will also be able to release turtle hatchlings in the morning!

Eco Tours Philippines

Day 1
06:30 – 07:00 AM Assembly time
07:00 – 10:00 AM Travel to Bataan
10:00 – 11:30 AM Mt. Samat Shrine of Valor
11:30 AM – 01:00 PM Lunch
01:00 – 02:30 PM Travel to Pawikan Conservation Center, Morong
02:30 – 04:30 PM Check-in, rest
04:30 – 05:00 PM Orientation on sea turtle conservation
06:00 – 07:00 PM Dinner
07:00 – 09:00 PM Free time
09:00 PM – 12:00 MN Night patrol
Day 2
07:00 – 07:30 AM Release pawikan hatchlings
07:30 – 09:00 AM Breakfast
09:00 – 10:00 AM Ocean hour (Beach clean-up)
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Free time
12:00 – 01:00 PM Lunch
01:00 – 05:00 PM Return trip to Manila

Tour Highlights

Night Patrol
Release Turtle Hatchlings (If lucky!)