Love indigenous culture?

Then you’ll surely fall in love with the Talaandig indigenous community nestled along the slopes of Mt. Kitanglad of Bukidnon, Mindanao!

This is a tribe that has successfully kept their indigenous culture very much alive. With the establishment of the School for Living Tradition, children are able to build their foundation on Talaandig story and self identity. Beliefs, customs, and practices are actively passed on and even promoted internationally through workshops, exhibits, and performances.



Respectful of the tribe’s traditions, the Talaandig Elders are always consulted first and if granted permission, they will allow you to take part in their sacred ritual. They also take time to talk about their history and way of life.

Culture Shock PH’s Talaandig Cultural Immersion Tour allows you to learn straight from the Talaandig artists. Get your hands dirty as you craft your own soil painting masterpiece and make your own bamboo flute from scratch. Get your feet to work as you study their native dances as well. And of course, cultural night is never complete without getting lost to the beat of their drums and to the movements of their native music.



The homestay program also allows you to get a better glimpse into their daily life and interact with your foster Talaandig family. There is also much room to mingle with other families, so don’t be surprised if there are impromptu jamming or art sessions here and there. After all, this is a community filled with so much love for their own culture. A pride so infectious, it’s hard to leave them without falling in love with their culture as well. 

Recommended Flights for this Tour:
1st Day ETA: 7:30-8AM in Cagayan de Oro Airport
3rd Day ETD: around 3PM in Cagayan de Oro Airport

Tour Highlights

Welcome Ritual & Talk with the Taalandig Tribe’s Elders
Soil Painting or Instrument Making Workshop
Native Dance Workshop
Boodle Fight Snack
Cultural Night and Presentations
Homestay with Talaandig Tribe
Nature Trekking