Art attack!

Angono, a little town an hour away from Manila, prides itself as the Art Capital of the Philippines and rightfully so as it has produced numerous musicians, carvers and painters two of which are National Artists.  As Culture Shock PH’s takes you around Angono be prepared to be amazed by the rich art, local stories, food and an engaging of the senses.



To celebrate the artistic gifts of the people of Angono we visit their many art galleries. The Botong Francisco house was the home of National Artist for Painting Carlos “Botong” Francisco. Known for his many murals rich in colour and representing Filipino history and way of life his humble home still keeps his actual things, unfinished works and sketches.

The Blanco Family Museum is a grand display of giftedness within a family. The Blanco family, mother, father and all 5 children are painters. Displayed in their gallery are works from their childhood to the present each with a unique and inspiring story. A walk through their gallery will leave one speechless and inspired.


For an artistic and gastronomic fusion find yourself enjoying locally prepared dishes surrounded by paintings, carvings and sculptures. The Nemiranda art gallery is where considered future national artist Nemesio Miranda Jr. resides. While waiting for your meal go through 3 floors of his artwork.  His favourite subjects are the Philippine mystical creatures such as the Tikabalang, Capre and Sirena which he masterfully depicts through painting, wood carving and cement sculpting.

Balaw-balaw is another venue for a feast of both the stomach and the eyes. Home to another future national artist, Perdigon Vocalan, the gallery in itself is an artwork with a unique design. Littered around the 4 story structure are paintings, wood carvings and papier-mâché figures locally known as Higantes (giants).

After going through the art (or while going through) try their local dishes. Angono is best known for balaw (fermented rice dip) and deep fried itik (duck) which can be bought in the restaurants of on the sidewalks.

Last but not least among the artists and one of the strongest keepers of the flame is Orville Tiamson. In his studio he shares his progress as a painter and his other passion, which is music. For aspiring artists this is a great venue to ask for a tip or two.



The tour is not only a see tour but also a do and learn tour. Get your hands dirty as you are given the chance to paint and go through an art therapy class. Hear the local stories and learn about Angono’s roots of their art and culture.

There is much more to be seen and learned and experienced in Angono but it is best for one to actually visit and in real life to witness such a rich and beautiful town.

Tour Highlights

Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs
Balaw-Balaw Restaurant and Museum
Botong Francisco House
Blanco Family Museum
Itik tasting
Art workshop with Orville Tiamson